We’re as passionate about lighting as you are…When you need it, we’ve got it:

  • LED, Tungsten, HMI, Fluorescent, Chimeras, Honeycombs and Grids, Max Arms, Booms, Big Stands, Grip Trucks and all the best Grip Tools, too.
  • Meticulously maintained equipment for features, series, commercials, news, sports, reality, editorial, independent labors of love, and everything in between.

The Rosenthal Group:
State of the Art equipment since 1981.



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Some of Our Featured Brands

American, Arri, Avenger, Aurasoft, Barger Baglite, Chimera, Cineo, Dedotec, ETC/Source 4, Honda, K5600/Joker, Liberty Pak, Litepanels, Lowel, Mathews, Mole, Modern, Norms, Mactech, Powergems, Rosco